MyGoHire launches

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We are delighted to announce the launch of the MyGoHire platform.

Kudos have worked with startup company MyGoHire on an innovative new construction recruitment platform. Co-founded by brothers Tobias and Zachary Cieslik in 2017 who saw a gap in the market for a digital platform for construction companies and talent to chat directly. Post Jobs for free. No middlemen. Saving time and money.

How can you justify 15%-20% of a salary as a recruitment Fee? With the average salary in the industry has risen by 9% in the past year (with this likely to continue rising), construction companies are facing ever-increasing recruitment agency costs – typically around £10,000 per hire.

Co-Founder Tobias Cieslik

We built the platform using the popular Laravel Framework and host the platform on Amazon Web Services. Other technology used includes:

Why is there so much secrecy from agencies and no transparency?

Co-Founder Zachary Cieslik

If you are a company looking for construction industry talent or are looking for a new position in the industry head on over to MyGoHire to get started.


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